DH Workshop

MPIWG Research IT offers Digital Humanities workshop

As part of the IMPRS-KIR curriculum, the Research IT Group of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) recently concluded a successful intensive workshop. The event equipped doctoral students and established researchers in the history of science with an understanding of what Digital Humanities (DH) covers, its major methods, and its potential research applications. The two-day workshop featured theoretical input and hands-on sessions on subjects including the forms of data that historians encounter, methods of textual analysis, GIS mapping, data visualization, and the use of socio-epistemic networks in historical research.

The MPIWG’s Research IT Group is committed to advancing digital research methodologies and developing cutting-edge digital research tools for the humanities. Find out more about the group and about DH at the Institute here!


About the speakers:

Pascal Belouin IT Researcher, MPIWG Pascal is part of the Research IT Group and supports historians across the MPIWG in using DH tools and techniques such as text analysis, geographical information systems, and data visualization.

Shih-Pei Chen Senior Research Scholar and IT Researcher, Dept. III, MPIWG Shih-Pei is part of the MPIWG’s Department III and Research IT Group. A computer scientist by training, she leads research projects in Department III that develop digital methodologies and applications for analyzing large quantities of historical source material.

Hassan El-Hajj Data Scientist, BIFOLD; IT Researcher, Dept. I, MPIWG Hassan is a data scientist and IT researcher at the MPIWG. He has a background in both humanities and computer science and aims to bridge the gap between the two fields. He researchs the application of Machine Learning algorithms to humanities data, especially as related to knowledge graphs and computer vision-

Kim Pham Research Technology Officer, MPIWG Kim coordinates activities in the Research IT Group and provides technical consultancy services for DH projects. She helps to design and direct the development of software for research projects in the history of science at the MPIWG.

Malte Vogl Research Software Engineer and PI at ModelSEN, Dept. I, MPIWG Malte is part of the MPIWG’s Department I, where he leads the research project ModelSEN. With a background in physics, he works on developing software for historical research, focusing on methods for historical network research.