DH Workshop

MPIWG Research IT Offers Second Digital Humanities Workshop

The Research IT team at the MPIWG conducted its second two-day Digital Humanities (DH) workshop on November 28 and 29, 2023, as part of the IMPRS-KIR curriculum. The event continued the team’s mission of integrating digital methodologies into the realm of historical research. 

The workshop drew a wide array of participants, from new doctoral students in the IMPRS-KIR cohort to seasoned researchers. Spanning two days, it delved into a spectrum of DH topics. Participants engaged in both theoretical discussions and practical applications that demonstrated the scope and importance of DH in contemporary research.

Beyond conventional themes, the workshop introduced the realm of large language models and machine learning. It gave an overview of how these technologies can complement traditional DH tools and methods, such as GIS mapping and socio-epistemic network analysis, in order to illustrate novel approaches in historical research and expand participants’ perspectives.

The workshop’s primary objective was more than training: it aimed to inspire participants to explore and integrate a diverse range of tools into their research. Find out more about the Research IT Group and their work in Digital Humanities here.

The next DH workshop will take place in November 2024.

– written by Kim Pham